Remington Chronicles

ˌindiˈstrəktəbəl ; fəˈrevər a ˈrebəl The sole reason your heart beats. It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t belong anywhere.


    Spent my day moving my friend out her house and saw this beautiful sunset outside my patio! 


30. July 2014



I stumbled onto a few photos that I had done when I still had a Deviant-art account. They range from some outside soccer shots to some portraits and animal stills. 

I had taken a multimedia and photography class in high school so most of these shots are from back then. 

My style has changed a lot and my focus points as well as my subject choice.  I really hadn’t noticed until recently when I…

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Belated 23rd

29. July 2014




I spent my 23rd in such a calm fashion that I’m still perplexed as to how this happened.

My parents had called me midweek to ask me if I wanted to road trip to Seattle with them for my birthday weekend. We left early morning and arrived at this little event center a bit out of Covington, WA. After stuffing our faces with all of the Kenyan food at this place we ventured out into the…

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